Downsize Me!


“I work with women who want to look and

feel their best, inside and out” Maha Rafidi

Maha Rafidi of BV Beauty is a qualified Downsize Me Health & Wellness Coach. She offers one-to-one coaching and advice on weight loss and health, following the specialised 8 week Downsize Meprogram.

Having dealt with my own health issues with good nutrition, I am passionate about empowering people to be their best and helping them achieve the health and wellness they deserve.

I am a firm believer that beauty starts from within. And after 20+ years working with women, I know that massive transformation is possible. If you can develop the eating habits that keep you healthy on the inside, your beauty will definitely shine through on the outside.

Downsize Me 8 Week Program

Create a strong, healthy mind & body with a qualified

Health & Wellness Coach


About the Downsize Me 8 Week Program

Downsize Me is a food coaching program that creates beauty from the inside out. Our science-based eating plan creates hormonal balance and helps you develop healthier habits and a healthier body. Our empowering coaching program helps you build confidence and mastery for a healthier mindset.


You’ll create lasting, healthy change with the support of professional coaches, and finish the program lighter, healthier and with a long-term strategy for healthy eating.


Expected Outcomes?

– Clearer, softer skin that glows

– Improved energy

– Lower inflammation and pain

– Banish bloating and cravings

– Improve digestive health

– Mental clarity and physical vitality

Our free information session helps you decide if this program is right for you. 


For information on how Maha can help you achieve your health & wellness goals, contact her on 0405 213 720 / 02 9411 1177 today!